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    Call for Abstracts: PDC Organizing Workshop on “New and Innovative Approaches to Laboratory Diagnosis of Zika, Dengue and other Arboviruses”

January 26, 2017 - Annecy, France

PDC’s diagnostics workshop, to be held May 2-4 at Fondation Mérieux’s Les Pensières center in Annecy, will look at the current status of Zika and dengue diagnostics.
New technologies are needed to address urgent research needs and also to support longer term public health strategies to control outbreaks in the field.

The workshop will bring together scientists and experts from academia, public health, biotechnology companies and industry to review the new technologies and approaches that might be available in the near, intermediate and long-term future and determine what needs to be done to make these new diagnostics available.

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Call for Abstracts

If you are interested in presenting a new or innovative dengue/Zika diagnostic assay at the PDC Diagnostics Workshop, please submit the attached form with your abstract (in 300 words) by February 10, 2017 to PDC Director, Prof Annelies Wilder-Smith.

A selection committee will then go through a formal process of evaluating and selecting the most appropriate abstracts for oral presentations.

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